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Further, if things crash, you won’t lose your work in other programs. On Macs, you may need to increase the amount of memory available to your Internet browser (48 or 64 MB seems to be needed). Explore: This is not scripted entertainment like a TV show or a movie. Things in the Control Frame usually require a single click with the left mouse button to activate them. In the World Frame, left, right and center mouse buttons can be used, generally with a «click and drag.» For convenience, keyboard equivalents are provided for some actions. Yet again, the mouse pointer is the same icon as on the button. Use the other navigation controls to get reasonably close. Then Zoom out and Rotate the cluster. 9. Tips and TricksHelpOn the far right of the Control Frame there is a Help button: Help Button Clicking this button brings up CosmoPlayer’s instructions web page in a new window.

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